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Trying to transition from high school into college is not the easiest thing for young people to be able to do. It is a big deal to go from having to do school and not have to work to trying to make a living for yourself while going to school. That stress is added on even more when you do not even know yet what degree you should be trying to reach in the end.

It is not uncommon for people to go to school and during the first two years do all of the basic courses that are required for anything that you might need or go into in the future. Colleges will make sure that you take a career placement test so that you will have a better idea of what classes you should be taking and what level you will need to be starting at.

The placement test is not as difficult as trying to take the SAT or the ACT that some universities might require. This will quiz you on your knowledge of math, English, and other basic subjects. These are all of the core classes that will be required for every type of degree that you are planning on going into.

The test will be at the minimum an hour if not a little bit longer than this. Try your best – but understand that you cannot fail. If you get a low score the school will tell you that you must start in the most basic of classes. If you get a high score than you will have the advantage of getting in a more advanced class and basically skimming over the ones that others might have to do.

The counselor will also try to help you to know what your strong skills are and what degrees those can be applied to. If you are still waiting to go to college than consider taking the online career placement tests. These can be found on a lot of web sites and are often free. These will delve more deeply into the various jobs that you could go into.

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