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The spring is here and for most of us that means that Summer is only a month or two away. This is the time when we go out walking and playing in the warm weather that is so perfect because it is not yet so hot that we sweat the moment we step outside. It is also the time when most women and a few men will start working on their tan so that they are Summer ready.

Laying outside is great for those people who live in the south because the sun is strong enough. However, those who live in a place where the snow is still on the ground during this time of the year will need to take advantage of the tanning beds at their nearest salon. If you have never done this before or have not done it in a few years than you need to take it easy and learn how to do it safely.

The first time that you go, when you have not been in a long while, you should only lay there for five minutes. I know that this does not sound like it will do anything – but it will protect your skin. You have to make sure that you are not going to burn it. You have to be able to work your way longer to prevent danger.

Make sure that you wipe down the inside of the booth before you use it. Not all salons will remember to do this and some people will try to go tanning without any clothes on. You do not want to risk catching some disease from a complete stranger. This is rare – but it is still something that you will need to consider.

Always remember to bring your safety goggles and wear a little bit of suntan lotion. You need to be able to make sure that the skin is protected by something so it does not burn. The goggles need to be the special ones that are specifically for people trying to darken the skin. In that way you will not damage your eyes by the strong tanning bed bulbs.

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