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Stress seems to be the common problem that people of all ages share anymore. It seems that life is so busy and we are always being pulled in different directions or that we don’t know where life is leading us. The stress that we begin to feel will wear us down and cause us to become sick almost all the time. That is why it helps to find a way to relieve what we are feeling.

The doctors say that the best remedy for nearly anything is laughter. It helps us to forget the problems that we are having even if only for a second. Isn’t that a great reason to try to come up with your own jokes. Jokes that you can share with those you love and to help them smile and laugh once again? First you have to know how to do that.

The best place to start is to read a few of the more common ones that are told all over and what makes them so funny. Try to understand why people love them and what type of format they are in. This will help you to know how to set your own up and to know how it should sound like.

Sometimes the best format and the best type to go with are your own stories and experiences. People find things funny when they realize that it is a true story or at least that it sounds like one. It makes them wonder how someone could think that way or go through with doing some of the crazy things that you might mention.

You should always keep a notebook on hand in case you have a great idea for something that you can share with people. Sometimes an idea might hit you when you are watching TV or when you are driving on your way to work. Keep your eyes open and look at what everyone is doing and how funny it might seem to you and other people.

When in doubt it helps to write out a few insults and cutdowns that people would find hysterical. Of course these types of jokes are usually centered around political figures that tend to make us mad. What better way to show our frustration of them all than by insulting them? After all they aren’t going to know about it!

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