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All of us need to be able to live a healthy life. We need to make sure that everything that we eat is going to help our bodies and that when we do splurge it is in moderation. Too many people all around the world will over indulge on a daily basis and than they will blame large restaurant chains for the weight that they have gained. If you are over weight than only you will be able to work it all off.

Eating healthy is a step in the right direction – but it is not the only thing that you will need to try. You will also need to work hard and exercise. Only through exercise will you be able to burn the most calories every day and the fat that is holding you back. The problem that you might have is trying to know the best form of exercise to use for the best results.

If you do not have the time to do several different exercises every day than you should consider working out the entire body through the exercise known as Pilates. This is a more modern method that uses strength training combined with Yoga type moves. If you are not flexible and are not used to working out than this will be a huge step for you to do. Do not feel discouraged if it is very hard to do in the beginning.

The point of Pilates is to literally work out every muscle and tendon that is inside of your body. Each move will try to get you to work out the most areas at a time and thus burn the most amount of calories. Unlike Yoga this is more about finding your sense of balance, toning up, and helping to make you more flexible than you once were.

It is best to either get a DVD to work to or to start a class at your local gym. Sometimes the class is better to do because it will help you to know what you might be doing wrong and how to improve. After a few short weeks you will notice a big difference in your body and see the health benefits of Pilates and why so many people choose to use it.

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