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Basements are always a great thing to have attached to the home that you own. When people see these they see the possibility of having a place to store a pool table, a home theater system, or to turn it into the kids personal playroom. There are a number of ideas that they are able to use.

However, none of these ideas will ever come to pass if you do not know the best way to keep the whole room insulated. A great many of the room that were built many years ago did not have the right type of insulation inside of the walls or ceilings. This will cause condensation to occur and this in turn will cause mold to grow.

In order to stop this potential health hazard you have to know the steps to take in order to install new basement insulation. I know that this sounds expensive and very difficult – but if you know what tools to get it is possible to be able to accomplish this without having to spend hundreds of dollars on someone who will do it for you.

First off you need to make sure that there are no leaks on any of the walls. You will need to look closely over each one and check. If you see any than you need to fix them and than apply waterproof paint over the walls. Look at the local hardware store for any supplies that you will need.

Now go around and measure the width and the length of the basement. Use the measurements to know the amount of insulation that you will need to have. Go to the local home improvement store and they will tell you the easiest and the best one for you to use and how much of it you will need based on those measurements.

You will also need to pick up wooden two by fours or studs. These need to be secured to the walls by using concrete nails. Make sure that they are spaced twenty-two inches apart so that you have space to lay down the material. Once it is secure it is time to put the basement insulation inside. Secure this with a staple gun.

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