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There are a number of different types of muscle cars that people will drive in the United States. The Mustang might be the more popular – but the Camaro is the runner up and quickly making its way to the top. This car had been discontinued – but a year or two ago it made a comeback. Soon people, who wanted to forget the car, were craving to own the newer and more modern model.

In order to understand more about the concept of this supercar you first have to know the beginning of where it all got started. The very first Camaro came out in 1967 and it was based off of the Chevy Nova compact car of the time. It was a uni body structure that was made with a steel sub frame. This is what gave it a sleek and aerodynamic feature that people loved so much about it.

The semi elliptical leaf spring provided suspension to the rear axle and the double A-arms gave it front independent suspension. Beneath the hood was a 230 cubic inch engine that had the ability to push out 140 horsepower. What was the price? Only $2,466! As is common today, that price was subject to change based on any additional features the consumer wanted.

The concept of the car stayed the same for several years. It offered consumers with a sleek look and a powerful engine that made them feel like they were in a powerful race car without actually being in one. However, by the 1980’s Chevy came out with the first 4 cylinder engine Camaro.

This particular model was more fuel efficient to adapt to the changing gas prices and make it more appealing to those who were still wary by the amount of fuel that was being burned. This Camaro model also underwent the most dramatic exterior changes to make it more modern for the time. That would be one of the biggest changes until the 2000’s when it made its come back and became bigger and badder than ever before.

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