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There are a number of things that parents will need to buy when they are pregnant with their first child. They will need to have to purchase a crib for them to sleep in, diapers for them to wear, and of course they need to have a reliable car seat. After all this is what will protect them when they are in the car with you as you drive.

Parents will often spend hundreds of dollars on a seat that is going to be the safest that they are able to afford and that will be practical for them to use with the stroller or in the car. After being used for a month or two you will find that it has quickly become filthy. This is most likely due to the vomit, spit up, and urine that is constantly spewing from your newborn.

It is important to clean this up the minute that your child lets it out. However, there might be some that is left behind or an odor that you cannot seem to get rid of. To keep the seat looking like new and to keep the bugs away it is important that you try to clean this out at least once a month.

Take off the cushion on the seat. This is going to be the hardest part for many of you. When I first did this it took me nearly four hours to remove it. I recommend that you use the manual that it came with and carefully follow the directions. Remember how you took it off because it is harder to put it back on.

Once you have taken it off throw it in the washer machine. Make sure that your child will not have a reaction to whatever you might be using. Dry it in the machine or air dry if you are afraid of it shrinking.

While the infant seat cover is being washed and dried you need to clean off the plastic end of it all. Use a disinfectant or mild soap to clean it all off. Scrub away the stuck on milk or vomit. Make sure to rinse it and dry it off before you put the cover back on. Now your child will be safe to use it again without having to worry about it at all.

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