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Decorating the back yard is not always an easy thing for us to be able to do. Some of us will have the great idea to start a garden full of flowers and shrubs that are pretty and smell great. Others of us want something that is more practical and that we will be able to put to good use. That is when we think about investing in a garden gazebo.

If you have the money to spend than you will want to invest in the type that you will be able to get at most stores or through an online web site. These are made with the highest quality – but they aren’t always the easiest to deal with. When in doubt visit your nearest Lowes or Home Depot and purchase the ones that come out of the box. These will last you for years. The only thing you have to worry about is replacing the garden canopy.

Know ahead of time what type of fabric is being used and what color you want it to come in. You also need to measure it so that it will fit perfectly around the width of the gazebo. Now remove the canopy and take apart the seams using a seam ripper. This will be used as a pattern for you to make a new one.

When learning how to replace garden canopies you will need to lay these individual pieces out flat and close together. Measure the yards they equal out to. Wash the new fabric and iron all of the wrinkles out. Cut out the pieces that you need and sew them together.

When that is done you will be ready to make the fasteners that will connect the canopy to the gazebo. You should stick to using the metal grommets. These are durable and they are not difficult to work with. Line two pieces of the grommet on either side of the fabric and hammer them together.

Lastly you just need to connect the canvas roof back onto the garden gazebo and tie it in place using bungee cords of a similar color and the metal grommets. Make sure that you try to take the garden canopy down every few weeks to wash and clean it as needed.

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