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Dreams are sequence of events, images, sounds and feelings that are experienced during sleeping. It is associated with a rapid eye movement sleep. The contents and purposes of dreams are not yet proven and understood but there has been a scientific study of dreams made, it is called oneirology.

Dreams can be mysterious and terrifying. What our dreams contain can be of different imagery that makes one scared and eventually, it causes a lot of people to think that their dreams must mean something.

Many theories explain the reason why we dream but still no one fully understands the purpose of dreams. Some researchers even believe that dreams do not really have any purpose but still, many researchers believe that dreams do really have meanings. That is why dream interpretation has been becoming very popular.

Dream interpretation is assigning meaning to dreams. In the olden times, dreaming was said to be supernatural way of communicating. Dreams were considered omens with specific importance. In old Egypt, priests would act as interpreters of dreams. Many incidents are also mentioned in the bible that dreams are divine revelations.

Dream interpretation has been very popular during the 1970’s. It was said that any person can interpret his own dreams. There are tips available in the market on how to interpret and understand dreams.

There are different rules to take note of for dream interpretation. You must always remember that signs and symbols are not all the same. They may have different meanings for different people. Dreams that are of little value or no value at all are the ones that happen during the first few hours of sleep, those that have to do with people or event that the dreamer interacted with or experienced lately and those dreams that have something to do with a movie recently watched. There is also the rule for the opposites. Just like when one is dreaming of death, it means a rebirth for the dreamer – a new career perhaps or marriage.

It is very usual to have difficulties during dream interpretation. The best thing is that you have to realize that you really have the answer. The best way to tackle a tough dream is to rest and relax. They say it is a good sign if the dream does not come to you immediately. It is said that the harder the dream, the more significant the dream is to you.

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