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When looking into getting a wood boiler for your home you have to take care of all of the costs that come with it. The cost of the unit is going to be somewhere in the thousands. However, this price will not include the money that you will spend hiring a technician to install it for you.

Some people will find a way around this cost by trying to install it themselves. This is something that you could try to do if you know what goes into it. To start this you need to clear out an area where the boiler can be placed. This should not be more than 100 feet away from the home so that it works efficiently. Make sure you have a concrete slab that is four inches thick to place it on.

Now dig a trench below the frost line. You will have to place 1 inch PEX pipes and between 4 to 6 inches of insulated PVC wiring pipe inside of the trenches. Extend a twine or rope along the inside of the pip that is going to be holding the wires.

Next you will need to install the heat exchanger. Connect it to the plenum so that the unit will use the water to heat it up. Look for the correct size that will fit the plenum so that you will not have to work as much on it. Now link the 1 inch pipe to the heat exchanger and the furnace. Secure them with compression fittings.

Connect the ¾ inch pipe to the water heater and install a new breaker to the box. This should be a 15A circuit breaker that has a 110Vwire that is used between the breaker and the furnace. Link the 12/3 wire to the furnace to trigger the heater when it should be needed. Install the thermostat to the wood boiler and fill it with water.

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