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It is not uncommon for people to want to make sure their homes is clean – but than to slack off on the whole process. We complain that we are so busy with work that the last thing that we want to do is scrub down the bathroom and make it look clean. Of course when we fail to do this than mold, mildew, and soap scum will build up and become a big problem.

The shower is possibly the dirtiest thing inside of the home. This is because it is where we clean ourselves and it sees a great deal of moisture. This makes it very vulnerable to the mold and mildew that we hate so much. It is important to clean this between two to three times a week.

First you need to wet down the whole area and spray a shower cleaner all over the surface of the inside of the shower. Let it sit for about ten minutes. Make sure that you keep the door and window open to allow some ventilation to come through. Once the time is up put on some rubber gloves and grab your sponge.

Scrub down the entire shower from top to bottom. Make sure that you clean the edges on the top where the most dust will have collected due to neglect and forgetfulness on our part. When trying to tile showers you will need to use a toothbrush for the grout. This will help to scrape off the mold and soap scum that is stuck in between it all.

When you are done cleaning tile showers you will need to dry off the entire space. This will help to prevent new mold and mildew from trying to grow back. Use a large towel so that you can dry it off completely.

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