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There are times when we will see a stray cat wandering around the neighborhood and climbing all over the cars. Often times these will really annoy us – but what happens when one of those cats has a collar? This is a sign that they have lost their way and someone out there could be looking for them. That means that you need to find the best way to bring them back to the worried owner.

The first thing that you will need to do is bring them into your home or at least into the garage or enclosed porch. You want to make sure that they do not bite or scratch you. Who knows how long they have been lost and what type of problems they might have contracted.

Give them some food and water so that they will be well fed. This will also make them feel better about you bringing them into their home or even getting anywhere near them. Just make sure not to give them cat nip of any kind. It is possible for them to go crazy on something like this.

Next you need to put up simple signs around your neighborhood and the city that you live in. Put up a picture of the cat and your phone number. Tell them that you are trying to find the owner – but do not put your address down. This is never a safe thing for you to do. Try to look on the collar to make sure that there is no number or address on it.

A lost or found cat is not always an easy thing to return. If no one calls up after a few weeks you could keep the cat. If this is not an option than give it to the humane society or the pound. Just be careful of where you place them.

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