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In life it helps to have something that is going to make us laugh. Laughter is often said to be the cure for things that could be ailing us. People who are depressed or thoroughly stressed could find some comfort in a good joke and a bit of humor. Sometimes you can find these through friends. Other times you will be making them up yourself.

When trying to make a joke you want to pull from the experiences that you have had in your life or even in someone else’s life. This keeps you from having to fall back on jokes that have been used time and time again. People tend to not find these types of jokes funny anymore.

Try to think of the types of experiences that you have had and how people could find each of them funny and entertaining. When in doubt make something simple into something flamboyant. Maybe something that happened to you at a concert and how your cell phone interrupted the main singer during one of his speeches (true story).

Another thing that you could do is try to use things that have happened in another person’s life. Just make sure that they are ok with it. Just make sure that when you are trying to tell these jokes that they are going to listen to you and believe you. In order to pull it off you need to be confident in what you are saying.

If you are nervous trying to tell your doctor jokes than figure out a way to feel more confident. Use that nervousness and turn it into energy that you will be able to harness and use. This is a trick that many different types of performers have used for many years. It has positive results.

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