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There are so many things that are in the world – which we have to be careful of. One thing that we often forget to be careful of as children and adults is the poison ivy plant. This plant seems harmless on the outside and has the ability to blend into its surroundings without us taking a second look. However, it will cause a lot of pain when we touch it.

This plant is well known for causing a number of symptoms that will make use itch, scratch, and cry in pain when it is harsh enough on us. The first and most common symptom to look for is the rash. This is going to spread over the skin that was touched by the urushiol oil inside of the plant.

The skin will become red and the rash will be slightly bumpy and very itchy. You need to apply calamine lotion or have the person take an oatmeal bath. Drying out the skin will help to soothe the itching and help it to heal that much faster than trying other things that might not even help.

If the case is more severe than you will also break out in blisters. These will occur over the rash making it even more unbearable. Make sure that you do not pop these blisters – but allow them to drain on their own. The same treatments will apply to this. Know that when they burst the pus is not going to be contagious.

Remember to look at the symptoms of poison ivy in children who have been playing outside and bring home plants. You want to take care of the problem right away so that they will begin to feel better. Know though that it could take a few days for them to feel anything after touching the plant.

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