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Most mothers will make the decision to breast feed based on what they have heard and where their convictions lie. Some mothers will do it as long as they are able to and others will stop when their child is a year old. In order to go as long as you would like it helps to have a tool that will make this possible. It helps to have a breast pump.

This is a simple tool that will cost between $80 to $200 or more depending on what you are looking for. They work by expelling the milk from you through suction power. This is great to use because it allows you to give the child what they should have so you are able to have a night out with your spouse and friends. It also helps to keep the milk flowing.

However, if you are going to use these you need to make sure that they are cleaned after every time that they have been used. Once you are finished with them, take the suctions off the long tube that the milk runs through. Also take off the tube. Soak them all in mild soap and hot water.

Wash out the suctions to make sure that no residue has been left behind from when they were soaking for ten to fifteen minutes. The tube is going to be too small to be physically washed. Instead run water through it to make sure that no soap is left inside of it.

Once that is done you need to finish cleaning the breast pump lay it all out on a towel to dry. Make sure they dry quickly and thoroughly so that mold and mildew does not have a chance to grow inside of. Inspect before each time you are about to use it.

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