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A hernia is a common medical problem that people will have. This is a slight bulge that is created when intestines and other contents inside of the abdominal cavity are spilling into another area through a weakened muscle or tissue in the abdominal cavity. These usually do not cause any types of symptoms or even pain. The most that you might suffer is a slight ache and you will see the bulge grow over time.

However, there might come a time when it has become so large and is pushing through in such a way that it will become strangulated. When this happens it is cutting off the blood supply all around. This is a fatal problem that requires immediate surgery. Without the necessary blood flow your heart will not be able to work properly and you could die within the day.

That is why it is important to understand how to spot the symptoms that this could create. The most common that you will experience is fatigue and vomiting. Try to press on the area where the hernia pushes through. Does it look swollen and is it painful to the touch? This is a common problem when it has become strangulated.

Stomach pain, fever, and chills are other common symptoms that you might experience when this has occurred. If you are even having one of these symptoms and you know that you have a hernia than go to the doctor right away. They will need to make sure what has happened so that they will be able to take the proper action.

Most people who know that they have a hernia will try to prevent this from happening by getting the surgery done early. While this is not always something you have to do right away, it is true that it could save your life in the long run. Just make sure that you follow the necessary hernia recovery steps to getting better.

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