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There are a number of sports cars on the market that we have to choose from. Some of these cost more than our house and are the most luxurious. Others do not cost as much – but do not look any less cool! One of the favorites among any of us is the Corvette. This is also one of the most popular muscle cars in the United States.

Sometimes it helps to have a change when it comes to these classic cars. The biggest thing that you could do is find a way to paint over the color with something more vibrant and modern. To do this you need to have a smooth finish. Use sandpaper to get the whole thing ready. This will remove any bumps and previous blemishes.

Tape over the windows, door handles, trim, lights, and any areas that you will not be painting. You might even have to tape over the tires and the under carriage. When that is done you need to apply the primer or the undercoat. Use an air sprayer that will apply it evenly over the entire surface.

Wait a few hours or a whole day for it to dry before you paint over it with the new color. Again you will use a sprayer. Make sure to move at a steady pace so that it is applied evenly. You might need to put on more than one coat. Just make sure it dries before the second one goes on.

When you are done you will apply a clear coal of paint. When that is dry you will be able to remove the tape and take a look at the job. Your old car has turned into a modern and cool car that you will love. Just make sure that you keep it up and wax it once every few months.

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