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When we invite people into our homes for dinner we want to make them feel welcome and at ease. This is especially true when we are not familiar with them and are still trying to get to know them. The first few dinners that we have can be slightly uncomfortable. One of the best ways to make them feel comfortable when they walk through the door is to have a welcome sign out front.

Many of us will take the easy way out and buy a welcome mat for Wal-Mart or other home décor stores. These are great – but they are so old that people barely glance at them anymore. Instead you want to try to make something that is going to be unique and personal to your home. Something that will make them tell you how great it looks.

Rather than having a welcome mat why not create a sign instead? You can have it be small and hanging on the front door or on the wall beside the door. One of the best materials you can use to make these with is wood. This is versatile and will allow you to do a variety of things.

Make it the size that you want and that will be proportionate to the door. Too big and it looks tacky. Too small and people will barely notice it. Buy a blank piece of wood in a creative shape. It does not need to be clean cut.

Pick out a stain that you can put over it. I prefer to use a dark wood stain that is more dramatic and looks elegant. Once that dries you can paint the welcome sign saying whatever you want. You could have it say ‘welcome’ or have a fun saying. Just make it unique to who you are.

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