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Nowadays you can exercise wherever you want, at home, at the gym, even at work you can go for a walk at lunch or many places have gyms onsite now, and yes you can even exercise in front of the TV. Some people might think it is lazy to exercise in front of the TV, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all, in fact it has a lot of benefits compared to other places.

For a start then you are more likely to actually follow through with your exercise program. Exercising outdoors seems great as you get to enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of the natural increases and decreases in intensity that it provides (stopping for traffic, going up hills etc). Yet you also have to go out even when it is cold, or you might miss a session because it is raining, plus you often have to be out in exhaust fumes rather than fresh air, you increase your risks of being mugged if you are out and about alone in the dark, and you always have to worry about what you are wearing.

Then there is the gym, which combats a lot of those problems, but you have a huge membership fee to pay, you have to exercise around people who are usually a lot slimmer and fitter than you which can be intimidating, and the journey to and from the gym can add 30 minutes to an hour onto every exercise session. When you look at things that way then exercising at home is clearly the easiest option. Yes you do have to invest in some equipment, but I recommend just getting a treadmill, which you can get for just a few hundred dollars, and that will pay for itself in a few months time when you don’t have to pay expensive gym membership fees.

The reason why I think exercising in front of the TV is good is because the shows you are watching give you a natural target and timer, and also provide you with a distraction. If you are exercising at the gym you are normally looking at the clock all the time to see how long you have left, that’s because exercise is usually boring and you are seeing how much longer you have to endure. However if you are watching your favorite show while on a treadmill then the time will fly by and you won’t want to look at a clock, or even need to look at one (the end of the show coming up signals when you will need to get off).

You don’t need to do intense exercise either, especially if you can do a full hour in front of two of your favorite programs a couple of times a week. Just walking on your elliptical machine at a steady 4 -5mph will burn over 500 calories an hour, so if you do that 3 times a week that is 1,500 calories you are burning, while getting fitter and keeping up with your favorite shows!

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