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There are a few times when you are dieting that your willpower is really tested, when you are out at a restaurant, when everyone else is ordering takeaway, and even worse, when you go shopping! If you are not careful then can go into a sort of trance as you look at all those bright packages with sugary contents and suddenly your trolley starts to fill up with a mountain of goodies as if by magic. Once you have them at home with you then they are going to be a lot harder to resist, so the key is never to buy them in the first place. Here are some shopping tips to help you avoid disaster:

Get someone else to shop for your kids: If you have kids then that can make shopping awkward because they will want all the bad things that you shouldn’t have, and they will kick up a real fuss if they don’t get them. So split the shopping in two, get your partner to go shopping specifically for the kids, and you go shopping for you and your partner, that way everyone gets the food they want and you can avoid temptation.

Stock up on fruit and veg first: It is a lot harder to drop that big bag of potato chips into your trolley if it is full of fruit and vegetables, suddenly it seems a lot more out of place and you feel a lot more guilty. So stock up straightaway on all the lovely fruit and vegetables you need, and only then go out and get the other things.

Have a list (and stick to it): Walking around trying to think of what you need is a recipe for disaster, because your traitorous feet will take you to your favorite foods while you are thinking. Instead make a list of everything you need and then turn it into a game to get everything on the list as fast as possible. Having a set list of what you do need makes it a lot easier to avoid what you don’t.

Consider getting your groceries delivered: This has to be the easiest option to stop you from making impulse buys. Getting your groceries delivered is becoming more and more popular, and you can’t just ‘accidentally’ put those cakes into your trolley when you are shopping online.

Go to a farmer’s market: A farmer’s market will have lots of lovely fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables, along with homemade pies and other lovely homemade foods. What they won’t have is lots of processed foods and sugary snacks, so that makes healthy shopping a lot easier to do!

Don’t go when you’re hungry: If you are hungry when you go shopping then you are inviting disaster. You will buy more things and a lot more of the bad things because your willpower will be at an all time low. Instead go straight after your dinner in the evening, when you are full then you can breeze past the cake aisle with a smile on your face and barely notice it. Also don’t forget to get on the elliptical machine.

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