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Many people make the decision to go into nursing because it pays very well and they do not have a problem trying to find a job and make good money. Before you decide to go into it though you should be sure that you are prepared for the responsibility that will be handed to you and the hours that you will have to work. It also helps to know the most common position that you can go into.

LPN is one of the lowest on the list. In order to become in this career field you must go through a special program and become board certified and licensed. In this job you will work under the doctors and the registered nurses. However, you will be in charge of the certified nursing assistants.

To be a registered nurse is to be one of the people that will be in charge. This is a challenging position in which you must be able to properly examine each patient and try to understand what is causing the problems inside of them. You must than choose what type of medicine they should be taking and how high a dosage.

If you have the proper degrees and a lot of experience under your belt than you will be able to branch out. A lot of nurses will grow tired of the dynamics inside of the hospitals and will choose to work for someone in their home.

Another position that you could take is to have a traveling nursing job. This will require you to get your license in several states so that you will be able to travel to many different places. All you have to do is join an agency and they will be able to find you the job and pay for any expenses to travel and to live in an apartment.

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