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Nose hair is something that men in general have to worry about. It is bad enough that they sometimes have too much hair on their chest and backs – but to have it in their nose is not only weird for women to look at – but it can feel weird to the man. Luckily there are a few methods that you could try when removing it.

Look through these different methods and try to find what is going to work best and what might be too much trouble. You can be surprised by the results that you are able to find by the time you are done.


This is actually a difficult method because the space that you are working with is so small. First you have to put shaving cream in the nose and than try to fit a razor? That is not a method that you want to be using at all. It could burn and you risk cutting the inside of your nose. None of these are something you want to experience.


You can purchase special trimmers that you stick up the nose and it will remove the hair for you. These come in handy because they are compact enough to go in there without your forcing it. Just be careful that you do not remove too much of the hair and that you do not go too far up. That could just be a disaster waiting to happen.

Hair Cream

Last but not least you could try to use nose hair removal cream. This is actually a really great method to try if you are not fond of trying out the trimmers. This is placed inside of the nose and after a few minutes you wipe the cream and hair out. Just make sure that this is not going to burn your skin.

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