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If there is one place where dieting is harder than anywhere else, then it is at work. At work you have the stress of usually being overworked and underpaid, yet you are also in a captive environment where you can’t escape the vending machines and the cafeteria that serves pizza at lunch. That means if you are feeling a bit stressed out then you have easy access to junk food to cheer yourself up, which is bad news for your diet.

Even if your cafeteria does have some healthy options, then you still have to test your willpower every day when they ask you what you want, and you then might breakdown and order what your tastebuds want rather than what your body needs! There is a simple solution though, take your lunch into work with you, brown bag it and you don’t have any excuse to pig out on other things. Then you can make sure your lunch fits perfectly into the criteria for your diet, but is also made from things that you like as well.

If you do decide to take your own lunch in then you have to remember one important thing though, make it the night before! If you leave it to be made when you are tired and inevitably running a little late in the morning, then you can easily think ‘forget it’ in the knowledge that you can grab something from the cafeteria instead, ruining your carefully laid plans. Instead get everything ready the evening before so you don’t have any excuse not to take it the next day.

It also makes it easier to prepare, because say you are having pasta (whole wheat pasta I hope…) and chicken for dinner, then put on some extra and have that for your lunch tomorrow too! That beats having sandwiches like most other people who take in their lunch, just pop it into the fridge over night and you have a tasty and nutritious snack for the next day which you can actually look forward to.

If you buy a microwaveable container to store your lunch in then you don’t have to have a cold lunch all the time either. Just pop some of that leftover vegetable curry in it the night before, and then you can heat it up quickly at work. Or if you don’t have microwaves at work then you can actually buy containers now which are insulated so you can heat it up in the morning at home and then still have it hot when you come to eat it hours later. Don’t forget to jump on your elliptical machine when you get home though!

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