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To most people the right diet is one that actually works and helps them to lose weight. However the truth is that most diets would work if we followed the instructions, without cheating, for long enough. The problem is that most diets are too complicated or they don’t fit our lifestyle, so they end up becoming a huge hassle and we stop following them before we get any real results.

Lots of diets talk about all the great food you can eat while you are on them, they talk about fancy fish and pasta dishes or exotic slices of meat with mounds of vegetables next to them. Those dishes look great in the pictures, but they are usually very expensive to buy the ingredients for and they take a huge amount of time to create. For some people though, that is the perfect diet, they love cooking and have the free time to be able to create those meals, which means they can follow the diet and lose weight.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of all that free time though, and don’t like being chained to the kitchen for hours either. That is why you need to pick a diet which suits you and your lifestyle. I don’t care which diet programs have the biggest, most hyped-up claims on the adverts, search for the ones which suit your eating habits, your time constraints and your personality.

For instance there is a diet called Fat Loss 4 Idiots which is a really popular diet at the moment that uses online software to take the list of foods you like (chosen off a list they give you) and then generate an 11 day plan of exactly what you should eat for every single meal and snack in that period. For someone who hates having to try and choose things to eat that follow the rules of a diet, then that is a godsend. Yet for someone who likes freedom and hates being told what to do and eat, then that is their idea of hell.

Equally a diet that asks you to prepare lots of small healthy snacks to eat throughout the day, rather than having 3 big meals each day, is perfect for someone who is always travelling around and might not get to sit down for proper meals at lunch and dinner. Yet that would be far too much fuss for most other people.

You can’t find out what the diet actually involves from looking at the adverts and visiting the corporate website though, they tend to keep everything under wraps until you have paid your money. So I think the best way to search for a diet is to ask your friends which ones they have tried and what they had to do for each of them, or seek out reviews online which reveal what they truly involve. That way you can find the perfect diet which fits into your lifestyle without any fuss, making it a lot more likely you will stick to it and get down to your ideal weight. Be sure you also exercise on an elliptical machine or treadmill.

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