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Having a child is a fun and challenging experience that should not be taken lightly. One of the greatest things about watching your children grow is watching them learn new things. Every time my daughter says a new word me and my husband go all crazy for her and brag about it to everyone we know.

There are some things in a child’s life that they will pick up naturally on their own – but most things they will learn from their parents. Because of this it is our responsibility to make sure that we teach them what is important and we do it right. One of the most difficult things to teach a toddler is how to use “the potty”.

Not all parents are born with the natural intuition to know exactly what to do with their children and how to teach them everything. This is one area that many of us struggle and have a hard time with. It is no wonder that we turn to every book and parent to get their advice. One of the biggest questions that parents ask is when they should start the toilet training process.

Before you can potty train your child they need to be able to tell you when they have wet or soiled their diaper or they will tell you they want to use the potty. Also make sure that you can devote at least three days or more where you and your child can work together with nothing getting in the way. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer for them to learn. Some children don’t start to learn till they are three.

To make the potty training process slightly easier on your preschooler you need to allow them to see how to use the potty. This means that you should show them yourself how it is used. Let them watch you use the potty and maybe even teach them how to flush the toilet.

Before you begin to teach them how to use the potty place a special potty chair where your child plays and allow them to familiarize themselves with it and learn how to sit on it. Let them know that this is their chair and they can sit on it when they want. Do not force your child to sit on it or to keep sitting on it. Allow them to sit on it for many days or weeks with their clothes on before you teach them how to sit on it without their pants and diaper. Then let them learn how to be comfortable with this.

Once your child knows what the potty is for and how to flush the toilet it is time to teach them how to use it. During this time your child needs to be wearing underwear and loose pants that can come off easily and quickly. Try having them wear underwear that has a special design. This will make them more keen to wanting to wear it.

When you child signals to you that they need to use the bathroom or when you see them stop what they are doing – this is usually a signal that they are about to use the bathroom – then carry them to the potty. Place them on the potty and wait for them to finish.

Sit next to your child while they are on the potty and talk to them. Encourage them to use it and maybe you can read them a book. Make sure that you do not discipline if they don’t use it. Instead praise them when they have and if they haven’t tell them that’s ok and encourage them more next time.

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