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Being hungry is no fun, and we automatically think that we need to eat until we get rid of that feeling. The problem is, do we really know what feeling hungry is anymore? That feeling you get when you see a double chocolate chip muffin is not hunger, it is a craving, which is totally different and should be ignored if you ever want to lose weight.

However there are ways to help you feel fuller and curb your appetite, we discuss a few of them below:

Eat more fat: If your levels of a hormone called leptin get low then it can give you a really big appetite, presumably to try and get the level of that hormone back up. It is the consumption of fat that makes your body release leptin, so make sure even if you are on a low fat diet that you do have some in your meals. Even walking on the elliptical machine is not enough.

Eat more fiber: Fiber is great, not only is it low in calories and helps to keep your digestive system healthy, but it also makes you feel full a lot quicker than anything else. Try to get some fiber at every meal so you don’t feel hungry afterwards.

Avoid snacks of simple carbohydrates: The problem with snacks that load you up on carbohydrates, like a snack of white pasta, is that they cause your blood sugar to sky rocket. Your pancreas then panics and releases insulin to bring the level back to normal, but in doing so causes your blood sugar to briefly drop below its normal level as it overcompensates. When that happens you start to crave starchy and sugary food to bring it back up and you might feel a bit weak.

If you experience that and you fight off the urge to grab a chocolate bar then your body will get your blood sugar levels back to normal, but if you eat a sugary snack to make yourself feel better then guess what, your blood sugar is now spiking and you will get another dose of insulin into your system and the cycle repeats. It is best to avoid starting the cycle to begin with, eat brown pasta which contains complex carbohydrates that are broken down more slowly, or eat your carbs with protein, fat and fiber at the same time which will help slow the breakdown and absorption of the carbohydrates.

Graze throughout the day: Going for a long time without food and then eating a lot all in one sitting is not a great way to regulate your hunger. Instead it is much better to eat small amounts of food throughout the day. Keep healthy snacks around like raw vegetables, seeds and nuts that you can eat throughout the day whenever you feel peckish, but remember to add them into any calculations you do for your diet as they certainly aren’t calorie free! Make sure you choose the best elliptical fitness machine.

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