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People having asthma always complain of having a hard time in breathing and painful sore throat. This is due to the reason that the asthma attack affects your lungs and other organs that will block the airways inside your body. Asthma is an illness that is so bothering. Anyone infected by this cannot concentrate in doing activities at your work, at school, and at home. Do not let this annoying illness bug you to life; seek for the proper medication right away. A proposed medication of singular asthma is coming out to help all the asthma infected persons. They are said to control asthma symptoms and to help them cope up with their illness and get rid of it much sooner.

More and more people are infected with this chronic illness called asthma. Studies show that about 20 million of Americans are having asthma problems and 8 million of them are very common to children. Singulair or montelukast sodium is said to help control asthma in children as early as one year old. Singular asthma blocks the leukotrienes from the immune system that causes the swelling of bronchial tubes, tightening of muscles, and production of more mucus in the membranes. Thus, the person experiences coughing, chest pain, and wheezing.

Singulair is taken daily with different kinds specifying a certain age range. The 4mg oral granules are for infants at age 12months to 5years old, 4mg flavored chewables for kids at 2 to 5years old, 5mg flavored chewables for kids 6 to 14years old, and 10mg tablet for 15years old and up. The most common side effects of this singular asthma are headaches, ear infection, and certain level of sore throat. While some of the users of singulair experienced extreme side effects such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression, migraines, and many more.

Singular asthma are said to only help in controlling the unwanted symptoms of asthma when it is already unbearable especially to infant. If an attack occurs, it is best that you go to a hospital and consult a doctor right away so you will be guided with the appropriate medication in your condition. Still the inhalers are needed to accompany this singulair treatment to asthma. They both work well with one another. Do not let your child or any family member become a victim of this virus at a very young age. Seek proper advises on how to prevent asthma and cure it when infected.

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