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There are lots of individuals who possess the desire to get their bodies back to shape and to prove to themselves that they’ve got what is needed to achieve some of the hardest things in life. An effective way to do this would be to enter into 5K races. This can be a good beginning and for a few leads up to the desire to in time run a marathon.

In order to be in a position to run 26 miles you must train your body. A race like that is only done by those folks who have trained for a lot of months that they are able to handle the strain and endurance necessary to run the whole time. No walking is allowed in something like this and you need to finish before a particular time limit. Otherwise you might be taken out.

The very first thing you need to do is train the body to run. Begin by running a mile every other day and try to accomplish sprints at least once a week. During the first week try to run a total of six miles. The following week step it up to seven and keep doing that every week. Soon you will be running ten miles in one day after a few months.

Together with conditioning the legs you have to be eating the right foods that will provide you with the energy required for the run of this length. It’s best to eat carbs like wheat or breads. These will give you good energy and assist you to to burn fat all at the same time. In that way you aren’t gaining any needless weight.

When you are running the marathon you must drink plenty of water and try to eat a couple of energy bars in between. Don’t eat a lot though because the fiber can hurt your stomach and cause you a lot of pain.

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