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I love every part of my home. It is the one place where I can truly relax and let loose. Most people find it difficult to get comfortable and relaxed in their home if it does not reflect who they are. For the longest time my home was bare and had no decorations or pictures of any sort. It wasn’t until I began to place wall décor and pictures all around my home that it began to feel more comfortable and I wanted to spend more time there than anywhere else.

One of the best parts of any home is the fireplace. The fireplace is considered to be the focal point of the room that is in – which is usually the living room. It is also the one thing that visitors will see and it will draw their eyes to it immediately. When decorating your home you also want to decorate your fireplace mantel.

Decorating your fireplace mantel is a good thing to do because it helps to add character to the room as well as the rest of the home. There are dozens of ideas and ways that you can decorate the fireplace mantel and each one of them are easy and inventive.

Most people will place pictures of their family and their childhood on the mantel. When people walk over to get a better look at the fireplace they will immediately see the pictures and marvel at how cute your children are or how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. This also makes for a great conversation starter.

Some people prefer to be more decorative with their brick fireplace mantel and will instead add a variety of candles and spices. One great thing you can do is to add the same type of candles at different heights and in descending order. This helps to add some order to the decorations. You can also place some greenery to give it a bit of an earthly look to it.

The best time to decorate your fireplace mantel is during the holidays. During this time the possibilities are endless. Christmas is the time where most of us like to go all out and decorate as much as we can. When decorating for this time you can place lighted garland around the top of the fireplace mantel and let it hang a quarter of the length down each side. On the top of the middle of the mantel you can place the manger set or scented Christmas candles – which will be surrounded by the garland.

The best thing to do when decorating your mantel fireplace is to place on it the things that reflect who you are. This is a part of your home and you must feel comfortable with it.

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