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It is crucial that you care for your vehicle with admiration and you are taught the better way to maintain it. If you possess a cool car than you will understand just how great it is able to drive whenever you first get it. When you comprehend how to change the oil on your own you will not only save yourself a good deal of cash – but you can help it to drive for years to come.

When changing out the oil you should find a way to lift the front side of your vehicle. Most people find it easier to make use of a ramp and keep a jack stand beneath for safety if ever the ramp falls. Likewise keep a brick block on the back wheels to prevent the car from rolling backwards.

Loosen the old filter with a wrench and remove it. Find the engine oil filter and also the oil drain plug. These usually are red and white. Make sure that while you do this you look for a sign of any leaks coming from your engine or transmission.

Now keep the oil catch container beneath the car and open the drain. Watch as the oil comes out of the system and make out just how unclean it is. This is why we do not have the ability to leave it in the car and change it out every few months or few thousand miles. When it is done put the filter and plug back on.

Before you open the hood of your car and fill it up with new oil. To keep the drain plug and new filter screwed firmly onto the car. Otherwise it will come out and also you will probably be wasting it. Fill your cool car up with the best motor oil and make sure to place enough of it in.

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