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Skin is called the most sensitive portion of the body. Furthermore this is the biggest organ of the body and it’s the most vulnerable to anything that could possibly happen. That’s the reason it helps to search for something that will have the ability to heal any rashes and difficulties that may occur without the need to buy high-priced lotions and ointments.

One thing that is known to work well and which you only need to pay a couple dollars for may be a banana peel. Scientists have not yet discovered exactly why or how this is known to work. What we do understand is that it has special properties in the peel that can help the skin to cure. It is made up of lutein – which is considered an antioxidant.

If you have psoriasis than you must endeavor to rub this peel over the infected area. Certainly whether it is inside your hair than you may find it harder to touch the scalp with it. It might take a few days to see an evident difference. Ensure to put it to use a couple of times a day.

Is acne a problem in your case? It can be for a lot of of us. Rub the peel around the pimple and watch as it dries it out and heals the skin. This is a good treatment for somebody who does not have the cash to purchase the very best creams that are in the market.

Poison ivy rash treatments usually are not always easy to get our hands on when we need them most. All you need to do is simply rub the peel over the rash and the itching will discontinue and then the inflammation will be reduced. Use it whenever you need it more and watch the skin heal.

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