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Those who own a home with a basement are lucky enough to be given extra space with which they can use. People can use basements as an extra bedroom, playroom, office, or a game room with a convenient bar for you and your friends. Unfortunately many people are not using these useful rooms because they have leaks.

Leaks in your basement can be caused for many reasons. All of the water that is getting trapped within the walls of this room is creating more problems for you and is creating a potential health hazard. Before you revert your dusty old basement you first have to repair the leaks.

Basement waterproofing can be difficult and some homeowners feel they need to use a professional basement waterproofing company to get the job done. But if you are up to the job you have the capability of getting the job done all on your own.

Keep in mind that waterproofing your basement can be a long job and requires time and energy from you. In the end though you will fix the leaks, eliminate the chance of mold and fungus growing, and will now be able to use that extra space to expand on your home. In the end all of the hard work is worthwhile.

You need to make sure that the ground that is next to your foundation is sloping in the opposite direction of the foundation. If it is not than you can add dirt next to the foundation creating a slope against the foundation that is 2” per foot. The surface of the dirt needs to be six inches below the plate.

The rain gutters on the top of your roof may drop all of the water that they collect right on top of the ground that lies next to your foundations. This is not good because it can cause serious problems. Clean out your gutters and place them in such a way that they will drop the water at least 5 feet or more away from the foundations.

In order to successfully waterproof your basement you have to acquire the necessary basement waterproofing materials. Drylok and Xypex are some of the best materials to use to waterproof your basement walls. Drylok is a waterproofed that will expand on the walls as it dries. This helps it to adhere to the wall and blend in. Xypex will connect with the wall and is very much like cement. It uses moisture to create a water proof crystalline structure. This also helps to fix cracks and holes in the wall.

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