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Most – if not all – of us are worried about the way that we look and how people see us. We seek the approval of everyone we meet and are always trying to turn heads whenever we step out of the house. At times there are situations and circumstances that can alter the way that we look. These blemishes can differ – but none is more prominent and more common than stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused when the collagen layer of the skin has been broken. This breakage is caused when the skin is trying to stretch to great lengths in a short period of time. Stretch marks are usually caused when woman are pregnant, when people lose weight or gain weight too quickly, or when the tissue breaks.

At times teenagers will develop stretch marks when they hit adolescence and their bodies hit an unexpected growth spurt. Both men and woman have to deal with stretch marks to a certain degree. In some people the stretch marks may be hidden on a constant basis and very small. While others will have them on their arms, legs, stomach, armpits, and breasts. These can often times by larger and more widespread. Some stretch marks may be light in color or be a dark purple.

Thousands of people who have stretch marks do whatever they can to find a cure for them. There are different stretch mark treatments though not all of them are specifically designed to cure them completely. There are dozens of lotions, creams, and surgery that are helpful in treating and diminishing the look of stretch marks.

Most of the creams and stretch mark removal lotions are not meant to remove stretch marks – but to tighten the skin and diminish the look of them. The best way to do this efficiently and quickly is to start treating them as early as you can. It is harder to treat stretch marks after months or years of having them.

The best stretch mark lotions to use are the types that are made with lanolin and vitamin E. These are quite effective on the more smaller stretch marks. However, cocoa butter is by far the better to use – especially when the stretch marks are so widespread and much larger.

One of the best ways to treat stretch marks is by tightening the skin back up. The most effective way to do this is through exercise. It also helps most women to maintain their weight during their pregnancy.

The most expensive stretch mark treatment is laser surgery. Laser treatments are not very popular because they are still being experimented with and they are very expensive. Most people who use stretch mark surgery treatment will have smaller stretch marks. This is a method that should be used when everything else has failed to work for you.

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