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When you are sick it helps to have a few things that will make getting better easier on you and everyone else in the home. There are times when over the counter medicines do not seem to work. That is when you should purchase a warm mist humidifier.

This unit works great at relieving the congestion built inside of the chest and throat and helping you to breath and sleep better at night. In order to make these units count you need to understand how to use them properly.

After choosing the one that you want you need to bring it home and put it together. Most of these will come with a filter that you need to install. Once that is done find the fill line located inside of the water tank. Fill it up with cool or warm water. There should also be a second hole where you can put a medical inhalant. This should be added before you start the machine.

Put the unit on a flat surface where it cannot be knocked over and children or pets cannot reach it. These are designed to boil the water inside and to create steam. When messed with it can cause burns that can become serious. Place a towel under the unit in case of any small spills.

Turn it on and allow it to run until the humidity levels are at the right measurement. Most units should have a timer and stop after a few hours. If you are not getting enough humidity you might have to find out how to get more steam from your humidifier. You can do this by adding a pinch of salt. Remember to crack your door so that it does not become too overpowering during the night for you or anyone else in the room.

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