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As a woman I know how important it is to have a wide variety of clothes in the closet. We hate to wear the same outfit twice during the week and have to make sure that everything matches. Every now and then we will even sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion. There is just one are that we usually don’t like to sacrifice in, the bra that we have to wear.

Many of us will pick up the first thing that we find at Wal Mart or the mall without realizing just how cheap and uncomfortable they are. The bra that we have to wear needs to fit us perfectly all around so that it looks flattering and doesn’t dig into our skin. That is why everyone woman needs to own a shock absorber bra.

These are special bras that were originally designs for those women who exercise or play sports for a living. In fact many well known sport superstars own more than one pair of them. They are built with special material that supports the woman all around, provides a great lift, and helps to keep us cooled off when we are warm.

What can get better than that? Actually it can! These come in all different, shapes, sizes, and of course colors. You will be able to find what you need for any occasion and if you are pregnant you can easily find a maternity bra that is better than any other you might find in the stores.

My favorite one to have is the shock absorber sports bra. I love to run and this is the one thing that helps to support me and keep me from bouncing all over the place. I am comfortable the whole time and my mind can focus on the distance I have reached rather than how I look.

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