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Outdoor wood patio furniture is one of the nicest looking furniture to use next to your pool or in your garden. It has a natural beauty that is hard to find in other types and it helps to create a relaxing environment outside. In order to keep that beauty shining and to help it to last for years you have to learn how to take care of it.

When cleaning your wood patio furniture you will need to use a dry brush and rub down the furniture. The dry brush will remove debris and dust. Make sure to get underneath to remove any cobwebs that are sticking to it. If you notice any scratches and chips in the wood you can use sandpaper to file them down.

Using your water hose rinse off the furniture. Next you will fill a bucket with lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Using a clean cloth place it in the water and use it to clean off the furniture. Make sure that you remove all the dirt on top and underneath the furniture. Any mold should be removed with a half cup of bleach and one gallon of water in a bucket by itself.

After you have washed it down completely rinse it off. Use a clean towel to dry the furniture. Make sure to look for any dirt or mold that you might have missed. You will want the furniture to sit in the sun to dry certain areas and to remove the smell of bleach.

A great way to protect your wood outdoor patio furniture is to purchase a special oil that has been especially for wood type furniture. Teak oil, stain, and polyurethane are the best types of oils to use. You can also use baby oil and vegetable oil.

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