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When it comes to decorating the home I find it hard to know what type of things to put around that will help to decorate it all. I would love to hire someone who would be able to pick everything out for me – but this is impossible because of how expensive it is. So instead I decided to rely on some good old fashioned advice from family and friends.

They worked with me to learn what tastes I had and how to add color and life to the home without having to spend a great deal of money. The last thing I had to choose on my own was the type of rug I wanted to use in the living room. I have wood floors so it was necessary to warm them up a bit and add some color and life to the room with a nice rug.

After searching for a long time I finally decided on the wool shaggy rug. The great thing about this when I compared it to most other rugs on the market was how nice and soft it was. It was so comfortable and I loved how it felt on my feet. It was rather pricey – but if it would look that nice with little care than I did not mind paying it!

I looked a little bit longer to make sure that this is what I wanted. I searched for various types of leather rugs to see how great they were – but did not think they were really that great. I also looked at the more cheaper ones – but they were able to get ruined much too easily.

After doing some research at a shaggy rug site I decided on the red shaggy rug. I love how it has brightened up the home and I even get a ton of compliments on it. The decision was well worth the wait!

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