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Many mothers will have the choice to breastfeed their children or to bottle feed them. This decision is usually made before the child is born so that they will be prepared for either scenario. Most mothers will choose to breastfeed because it is so beneficial to their child’s immune system and helps them to grow the way that they should.

When you are feeding your child in this way it is important to know what type of foods you should be eating and what you should not be eating. One question that many new mothers will have is whether or not they can have any amount of alcohol during this time?

It is important to remember that anything you eat and drink your child will too. That is why doctors encourage mothers to eat foods that are healthy so that their children will get the nutrients they need. That is why alcohol is never a good idea to consume – even in small quantities.

It is true that some mothers will pump the milk out and than have a glass of wine. They will than wait to feed their child or pump anymore until it is out of their system. That way the child is not getting any of it. The downside to this is that some children do not take to the bottle and you cannot know for sure that it is no longer in your bloodstream.

In the end it is better to adhere to a strict breastfeeding diet and to avoid alcohol altogether. That way your child does not suffer any adverse reactions and they remain healthy. Just wait until you are done breastfeeding and they are on the bottle completely. Alcohol is known to slow down their growth and affect their physical responses.

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