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Ice diving is something that many people love to do. It is a way for them to be adventurous and to see a whole new world like never before. When you do something like this you first have to know what type of equipment to bring along. Remember that most people have to be certified before they are allowed to go out because it can be dangerous.

One thing that you are going to need is a wet suit. The water you are diving into is below freezing and without the right gear to keep you warm you will suffer from hypothermia and frost bite. The wet suit will cover your whole body and keep it both warm and dry. You might also have to purchase special clothes to wear underneath the suit to keep you extra warm.

It is going to be hard to find your way around the water when you cannot see anything. Make sure to try on a few goggles and scuba masks to find one that is going to fit well on your face. Try them on in the store and make sure they stick to your face without hurting you. The trick is to keep water from getting inside.

Another thing that you will need to have is the right type of regulator. This is going to be the most important thing to use because it is what will give you the air that you need to breathe for a long time under the water. When it comes to this you need to know how to use them and what to get.

For ice diving one of the most popular to purchase are the aqua lung regulators. These are made specially to work in cold water. Just make sure that the certified diver you are swimming with approves it and shows you how to work it.

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