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Stair lifts are important to have inside of the home and can be used to help people reach different levels in their home. These are commonly used by people who are partially disabled or who are older and have a difficult time trying to walk up and down their stairs.

There are two common types of lifts; straight and curved. The straight type are used on staircases that go up and down without any turns and curves. These are the cheapest and you can save money if you purchase them used. They are also the easiest to have installed and you can resell them if you ever have to move.

The curved types are the most expensive because each one that is made has to be custom built and designed to the right specifications. These are only used on staircases which have curves or bends in them. These are the most difficult to install and if the measurements are off by just a little the whole thing will be off.

Unfortunately it is impossible to purchase these used because each one is going to be different from the next. That is what makes them so hard to buy. The installer will have to come out and take pictures and measurements of the staircase. They will than have everything made and come back to install it.

Make sure that when you purchase these you go through someone that you can trust. Acorn and AmeriGlide stair lifts are some of the most popular on the market. You want the model you choose to be safe and easy enough for you and anyone else in the home to use when they need to. Also make sure you get a unit that has all of the features that you need or want.

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