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When it comes to the backyard I want to find different ways in which I can spruce it up. Having a ton of land to work with and nothing out there is so boring and it makes me want to never go out into it. Sure it is great that my kids have a ton of space to run around in – but what can I do to make it more fun for me?

That is when I had the bright idea to build an outdoor fireplace along the edge of my patio. The patio is quite large when compared to most other homes. Yet, I have not built anything on top of it. This is because, until now, I never knew what I could do with it.

The best thing about building an outdoor fireplace is that it helps to turn something boring and lifeless and to give it a rustic or even elegant look to it. It can be either large or small depending on how much room you have available to use. You could even make it the base of the patio and have comfortable patio lounges and chairs set up around it.

Another advantage to this is the ability it gives you to enjoy the fresh air no matter what season it is. During the winter and fall months when the snow is on the ground you can light the fire and enjoy the warmth that is coming from it. This makes it a perfect place to roast marshmallows and for you and your husband to have some quiet time to yourselves.

The hardest part is knowing what materials you will be using when you put it all together. In the end I chose to make an outdoor stone fireplace. Stone is a bit expensive – but it is easy to work with and looks great. It is also something that can be cleaned easily and lasts well when used outside.

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