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There are many different types of luxury cars that we can choose from. Some are going to be the large vehicles that we love so much and that allow us to dominate the roads. Other will have the perfect navigational system or rear camera that allows us to back up without having to twist our necks.

In life there will always be rivals and this exists in the automaker industry also. One of the biggest luxury car rivals that you will ever see is between BMW and Mercedes. Both of these cars run about the same amount of money and have similar features. They also make cars that are both small and mid sized.

So which one would you choose? Personally I have and will always love the Mercedes. When I see a BMW on the road I don’t often know what it is. It looks just like any other car driving around and there is nothing dramatic on the outside that sets it apart. It has also ceased to be unique when practically everyone I know is driving one.

The Mercedes on the other hand is a very unique and distinct car. When I see it on the road I immediately know what it is. The headlights and gleaming exterior speaks volumes and it is hard not to stare as you drive by it. It is no wonder that it is more expensive and not many people are able to get their hands on one of these.

Both cars have an interior that is worth every penny that you will pay for it. They are made with some of the finest and most comfortable materials. They will also have some of the most innovative technology. Even the Mercedes cannot beat the interior of the BMW.

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