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Winter is here – which means that everyone is going to start feeling the symptoms that comes with the weather change. Every time spring turns into summer and fall turns into winter our throats begin to ache and our noses begin to run. The common cold is a basic illness and one of the most annoying to have to deal with.

Luckily this is something that is not difficult to do. All you need are the right medicines and tools that will make it a lot easier. The first sign that you are getting sick is usually going to be the ache inside of the throat. It starts off very dull – but it is still quite noticeable.

The minute you feel that it is time to reach for the vitamin C. You can drink it in the form of orange juice or you can purchase certain supplements that will give it to you in higher doses. One thing that I love to take is EmergenC. This is a great product that helps to fight the symptoms before they completely take over.

Unfortunately, this is not always going to keep the other symptoms at bay forever. It will help us to get over it quicker though. Soon we will begin to experience the runny nose and the congestion inside of the chest that causes the horrible cough. When this happens we usually reach for the cough syrup.

At night is the worst because the symptoms are usually doubled. This makes it difficult for us to sleep and without sleep we will have a hard time trying to get better. When this happens you need to reach for the humidifier.

These are especially great to use when you have children. Purchase a humidifier for children or for yourself. The steam that is released into the air along with the medicinal inhalant will relieve the cough and the congestion and help you to sleep.

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