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For years I have been trying to get my body back into shape. Having a baby is a wonderful experience – but for some women it can greatly change and alter the way that your body used to look and feel. One of the best things that I used to try to remove the baby weight and get back into shape was running.

This is an exercise that anyone can do and it doesn’t require a gym membership. All you have to do is map out a route through your neighborhood or different parts of your city. Than plan out a time each day and take thirty minutes to an hour to run the whole way. It is great cardio that burns fat easily and build muscles in your legs.

One mistake that new runners will make is that they will not wear the right clothing. Clothes will make the runner and if you are not wearing the right items than you are going to find it difficult to move.


The most important thing to get are the running shoes. Go to your local sports store and ask them to measure and examine your feet. They will be able to tell you if you are prone to certain problems and can match you up with a pair of sneakers that could possibly alter the way that you run in such a positive way. If you wear just any cheap sneakers than you could be placing unnecessary pressure on your feet, ankles, and knees and too much of that can cause serious damage.

Shirts And Shorts

It is easiest to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts when you go running. This will help to keep you from being restricted. Try to purchase the ones made with the moisture wicking material. This is designed to soak up the sweat and to keep you from overheating and getting weighed down by being wet. Make sure that women wear the right type of sports bra underneath for added protection.

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