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When it comes to the home we are constantly making changes to it that we will like. One thing that I have always wanted to do in my own home is build the perfect home theater. That way I can watch my favorite movies and shows on the latest and biggest TV and with the best surround sound systems.

The first thing you need to do is pick the room you want to use. You will want something that is large enough to hold comfortable couches or seats, a large TV, and a good sound system. Once you have that room try to paint it a dark color and use dark curtains. That way there will be little to no glare.

When buying the perfect television you need to do your research. The bigger you go the better the experience will be. If you want to save money than you can invest in a projector and screen. This might cost you as much as getting a 60” flat screen. The only difference is that the screen for the projector will be twice as big and just as clear.

Next you have to pick a DVD system. Some people will purchase a blu-ray player or they will simply invest in a PS3. That way they can play their video games or watch movies in the same room. It is a great way to get everything you want and to lower the cost of it all.

Lastly you need to pick out the best wireless home theater system. Again you will need to do your research. Try to compare the different sound systems. You want to use wireless because it is easier to install and you can mount the speakers up high. Bose makes some of the best systems – but they are expensive. Choose something with good sound and in your budget.

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