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Many of us will have a hobby that will let us escape from our boring and dull lives. Some of us might go fishing and others of us might collect something. One of the best things to collect are antique plates. If you are lucky than you will have started your collection by receiving something from your mom or grandmothers.

What I love the most about these collections is the history and the hard work that was put into making each one. If you have a true antique than you have something that was probably made a hundred years ago or longer. The maker put their hearts and soul into making it by hand and than painting a beautiful design that they came up with and painted themselves.

Each one has to be taken care of and handled with care. It is also important to know how much each of them cost. That way you know just how valuable they are and what you will be passing down to your daughters.

The best way to do this is to take each one that you own to an appraiser. They will examine the plates and can tell you who made it and any blemishes that it has that might take away from the value of it. In the end they will give you an estimated cost of it.

Sometimes you will not have an appraiser in your area or it is much too expensive to take each piece. Why not do the research yourself? You can find a great book on different antiques plate values and try to determine for yourself the history behind it. Once you know who made it and when you will know the estimate for it or at least close to what it will cost you.

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