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When you think about getting away why not take the whole family on a camping trip. This is a great way for everyone to spend time together and to relax in the natural outdoors. You also don’t have to worry about other strangers coming and getting in the way.

In order to have the most fun you need to make sure that you bring everything you need. Too many times we will forget the supplies that we need to have on hand. That makes it difficult to stay out for a week or to even have the right type of fun.

The first things you should never forget to bring are the tents and the sleeping bags. This is the shelter that will keep us dry and warm and of course away from all of the bugs while we are trying to sleep. Get something for each person to use or buy a large tent that all of the kids can share comfortably.

The next thing you need to bring with you is a cooler with all of the food and water you want to have. Make sure that you also bring the right cooking supplies that will make eating everything easy. It wouldn’t help if you didn’t have a way to cook dinner each night.

A first aid kit is important and will keep everyone safe in case of an accident. Inside of this you should have alcohol, bandages, suntan lotion, cream, aloe vera, and snake bite kits. Keep this on you at all times, even when you are out hiking.

Lastly you need to bring along the camping lantern and flashlights. These will be your eyes for when night has fallen. The campfire is great – but it won’t help you to find your way to the tent. Bring enough for everyone to have one.

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