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It is important for me to have a way to relax and to let go of the problems that never seem to go away. One of the best ways for me to do this is to sit in my garden and read a good book. The problem is that my garden is very small and could use more work. Lately I have come up with things to add to it.

I love to read and doing it in the fresh air makes it better. The problem is that I don’t like to sit on a lawn chair to do it. The best thing that I could bring into the garden is a swing. With this I can lounge around in it for hours at a time and enjoy the sunset with someone special.

A trellis is another great thing to add and it can go over the swing. I would want something that is elegant but rustic. It would also be great if I twined roses or even jasmine around it. That way it would look romantic and smell sweet while I enjoy my downtime. Plus it will help you to relax more.

It always help to have some type of shade when the sun is so bright. For this I want to plant a large magnolia tree. These are large – but do not always grow too tall. The flowers that bloom are pink or white and look beautiful. This is also a great way to add something sweet smelling to the mix.

Lastly I would love to install some landscaping lights. These come in various sizes and styles and work great around the garden. It would be a great way to display everything when darkness falls and is perfect for when I need a way to light up the night while eating out with friends. This is my favorite thing to use.

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