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Mini motorcycles are a great thing to have. For some of us we buy them for our kids as a way to spend their time outside without getting into trouble. For some of us we buy them for ourselves. They are fun to race around with or to do cool tricks. One thing that we are not allowed to do in most cities or states is to drive them on the main roads with normal cars.

The only way that this can be possible is if you take the right steps to legalize it. Go to your local DMV and find out what things your bike needs to have in order for it to be legal. In most places all you need to do is install a few parts onto it and you will be ready to go.

The most common part that you are going to need are light on the front and back of it. Make sure you have a large enough headlight on the front. This will make your presence to known the to the people in front of you when driving at night. Also have lights on the back and turn signals if you can fit them on.

Another common part that you will need is a horn. This is used to alert people that you are there when they are trying to run you over. Make sure that horn you use is loud enough to be heard by the normal sized vehicles!

Other parts that will be required are mirrors on either side of the bike. These need to be large enough for you to see who is beside and behind you at all times. Otherwise when you try to switch lanes you will run into someone or rather they will run into you.

When you have the necessary parts to legalize the mini motorcycle you will take it down the DMV to be approved. Once they have given you the proper paperwork to fill out you will get a license and than insurance for it.

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