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The basement is my favorite room in the home. This is that extra space that we use when we want to hang out with our friends or just play a game of pool. The only problem with this room is the amount of condensation and water that is constantly leaking around it. This is easy enough to take care of – but the mold that it causes is horrible and can be dangerous.

Mold is a toxic substance and when you allow it to grow out of control you hurt your health and that of your children. It will make it hard for you to breathe and could travel into the upper levels of the home. The best way to keep this from happening is to fix the problems that are causing it.

In the basement the most common problem is a leaky pipe of some sort. Look in the bathroom and around the whole area. If it is unfinished than you should be able to find it pretty quickly. Most these pipes are not enclosed behind anything. Call a plumber and have them stop the leak right away.

Leaky pipes are not always a problem in basements. In fact in many old basements the problem is in the walls. The design that was used in most of these is poor and not done properly. Any lack of insulation in the walls will cause an amount of condensation to occur. This is a horrible problem to try to deal with.

When it has been going on too long you will find that the outbreak is far greater than what you thought originally. Find a way to fix the problem and than call a professional to perform mold remediation. This should fix it quickly and easily by the time that you are done.

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